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Get your personalized growth marketing fellowship. Learn, do and get results alongside growth marketing experts
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You’ve got goals - but you’re not sure you have the means to meet them?
Well, you came to the right place!

We kinda think of ourselves of matchmakers between you and your goals.
We'll fill in the dots for you by providing you our expertise, both in terms of strategy (what should you do - and when) and operations (how you should do it).

No fluff or “growth strategy” on paper. We’re here to help you grow and better understand what you should do to grow your business.

Do you have tons of questions? Unsure what’s the best email, ad, tracking, or tools to implement? Consider it solved. We’ll give you our perspective so you can take the best decision  and we'll take action together.

Our goal is to give you autonomy and confidence. How? With our expertise, software and skills. When? You can start today.
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Personalized Growth Expertise
What you should do and when
Get personalized recommendations and support that comes with a complete strategy implementation.  We'll analyze your performances and review your goals, and we'll build the right path for you, with the right metrics to get.

We'll explain our data-backed recommendations so it will make sense for you. We’ll guide you in every step of the way in becoming autonomous.

Conversion Optimization

Get better results using what you already have
Get your funnel reviewed (by us, in video and with written insights!). We’ll guide you on how to optimize your website and checkout flow, from copywriting to design.
That's the best way to got actionable insights to improve your results quickly!
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Increase Traffic Acquisition
Drive more people to your offer
We'll set up and explain what are the best ways to start acquisition marketing campaigns - from SEO to paid media.

Get more qualified traffic that will convert.
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Data Management & Analysis
Efficient Data Management
Get ready for a better performance in the long run through configuration and analysis of data, CRM implementation, and an analysis of your client base.

We'll allow you to decipher your numbers and help you obtain substantial and long-lasting results.
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What you get with our growth fellowship

Get detailed plans aligned with your objectives. 
No surprises on the pricing.
Each subscription plan represents about 2 days of work per month, alongside with:

✅ Introduction Call - to set objectives together

✅ Dedicated Channel on Slack or Whatsapp

✅ Access to our Tools, Softwares & Templates (up to 1600€ yearly value)

✅ Daily Support & Weekly reports

✅ Plans start at 600€ / month

Ready to start?

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Improve your Funnel

Get your funnel reviewed with actionable steps to get a better conversion rate and offer a better experience to your clients.
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Reach the right community

Increase your qualified traffic through marketing campaigns to get  leads, through the right channels for your business model & cost structure, such as Paid Media, Emailing Campaigns, Referral and SEO.
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Gather actionable insights

Measure what matters — the rest doesn’t count. Set up analytics and better perform on a long term perspective. Analyze your clients profile and behavior to have the most actionable data insights.
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Who are you? Who's behind la Hutte?
We are a team of growth experts and marketers who have the same goals as you!  We work on growth, marketing automation and funnel optimization to help our clients reach their community.
Can we define objectives together?
Oh - we will! It's mandatory for us to do so! We are here to collaborate and help you achieve your goals. Share us your vision and we’ll help you get there!
What do you exactly mean by "2 days / month"?
This means we’ll dedicate approximately of 2 days of work / month to support your growth and marketing needs. We can set-up meetings through our Slack channel and have a complete run-down of your performance.
Does it have to be 2 consecutive days?
Not necessarily, we can divide those 2 days within the month or re-allocate the hours that are allotted for you.
What if I only want 1 day of support for a specific month, can I transfer this slot to the following month?
Absolutely! Just let us know ahead of time so we can work our way around it and manage our pre-booked slots in the coming months.
Are you flexible if in case I need more than 2 days of support a month?
Yes, no worries! Just give us a head’s up on our Slack channel and we’ll provide you with further information on that.
What are the tools and templates you're referring to?
La Hutte has developed in-house tools to help you power your workflow as well as an access to our suggested CMS platforms that will help you efficiently manage your marketing needs. Click on the link provided to know them better!
Why should I choose la Hutte's services over a freelancer?
With our services, you become completely autonomous and get to personalize your needs at your own convenience. On top of that, you get to learn more about your business while it grows!
I have further questions, how can I contact you?
Let's schedule a call!