Everything to efficiently analyze your conversion funnel

Now your conversion funnel is settled, you are only at the beginning of your journey! Because a funnel is intended to convert better and better, on and on: the goal is to improve it.

Improving the conversion funnel amounts to being able to analyze it, for the purpose of identifying:

  • The different conversion rates throughout the funnel,
  • Engagement of visitors with your pages,
  • Visitors' behavior,
  • Your scores - and especially the generated sales.

A conversion funnel goes with steps

To start analyzing a conversion funnel correctly, it is necessary to see it as it is; a succession of steps to be taken by your visitors, until the final payment step.

That is exactly the reason why it's necessary to deconstruct all the stages of your conversion funnel. You will need to identify all the necessary actions that visitors must take. This will allow you to identify instantly your strengths and weaknesses.

Steps should be clearly gauged

Once these main steps are identified, it is necessary to set up an Analytics solution which lets you to list the scores relating to the different stages. Your only goal: measure the success of each step of your conversion funnel.

We have some resources that might help you carry out the task:

  • How to improve your conversion funnel with these 5 strategies
  • How to identify and fix your bounce rate
  • How to know at which stages your visitors leave your funnel
  • How to improve your funnel scores with a funnel analysis
  • Get the right insights from your data and analytics

Free tools to guide and support you

In addition to these available resources for the analysis of your funnel-steps and to identify your strengths and weaknesses, we have some recommendations of free tools that will help you improve performance:

  • Hotjar: Hotjar allows you to record the browsing of your users, and to understand their navigation behavior. Nothing better to identify what could be causing troubles.
  • Google Optimize: This Google tool allows you to generate A / B tests for free. Even though the tool is limited in terms of possibilities, you will have the opportunity to quickly set up several tests and measure their score quickly.
  • Amplitude: from the moment when standard Analytics solutions (Google Analytics, etc.) are no longer sufficient, you can use a solution like this one to measure precise engagement, per-user, inside your conversion funnel /
  • Dimelo.at: if social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) are an important conversion source for your business, this site allows you to redirect your users to specific parts of your site whilst measuring their interest.
  • Facebook Analytics: Once your Facebook pixel is implemented, Facebook can give you precise information about your visitors' interactions with your site. You not only have the possibility of measuring the events of your pages, but in addition to having access to a very precise vision of your conversion tunnel:


Get solid action recommendations useful for your business

You look at your website and your funnel about 10 times a day - and it's complicated to always keep a fresh look on what you implement.

That is why we can definitely be of service. Take a moment to review our conversion funnel audit offer - within two days, you will get a detailed audit of your funnel and applicable insights that you can implement in just 3 hours.

It's time to get better results with what you already have.

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