The Perfect Email Journey to get back +25% of your lost checkouts

The Perfect Email Journey to get back +25% of your lost checkouts


Lost checkouts.

They're lost opportunities, and generally people who would buy your product, but stopped right before the end. Opportunities that you generated for your business, either organically by putting content out there, or via paid media - and you already paid $$ for it.

I'm sharing here a proven tactic that drive results to get back at least 25% of your lost checkouts, while the e-commerce average is around 8%.

Let's close lost checkouts.

Event setup

Whether you're on Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop or even with a custom selling solution, you should have a trigger on lost checkouts. Usually, platforms provide one email for lost checkouts, 10h or 24h after it started.

We can take it to an other level.

The simplest no-code way to do this is to check what a software like Zapier or Integromat could do. I'll go with Zapier here:

Now, I have a trigger 1 hour someone leaves a cart!

The data provided by Shopify in this case is quite handy: you have all details on the cart content, shipping and what to provide to the customer so he can complete his checkout.

These data are interesting:

Customer__first_name and Customer__last_name



Customer__total_spent: 0.00 (is it a new customer?)

Total_price: 27.00 (of the lost cart)

Abandoned_checkout_url: (the url they need to visit to complete their order quickly)

Landing_site: the first page they visited on your shop

Referring_site: the referring site, if any :)

We should be able to get this data (at least the contact info and the lost_checkout_url) from any sales or ecommerce platform : this is needed to move forward.

Now that we have this data, we have our means to close them!


A - Offer help to ensure nothing came up, 20 minutes after the checkout is lost

Subject - Can I help you?

Hi {{First Name}},Nice to meet you!I noticed you started shopping on - let me know if you need anything, I'd be glad to help you!The order you started is still here, you can follow up here: me know!Cheers,My Name

B - Show how cool you are, 16h to 24h after. If you can, avoid the 02:00 - 09:00 time period.

That's your usual "Lost checkout" email you can receive, in a more marketing way. "You left items in your cart!", "Did you forget anything ?", "We kept your faves for you".

The content of this email depends on your branding, what you want to say, which assets do you have.

However, a few rules:

  • Avoid sharing a discount at this time,
  • Restate the main value proposition of your brand,
  • Show the products that were left in the cart,
  • State the shipping delays / if the shipping is free, mention it again,
  • Clear & Actionable CTA about completing their purchase in one click.

C - Last offer

48h after, the lead still did not complete his/her purchase.

It's time to be a bit more aggressive, in terms of marketing : now is the good time for sending a promotional offer.

If you usually price the shipping, try offering a free shipping promotion, that would do the work most of the cases without breaking your products pricing.

If you don't price shipping, offer a 10-15% discount.

The rule: make your promotion time-sensitive (even if it's not really the case). Make your promo-code looks like a generated one to make it sounds real, generated especially for this person, valid until the next 24h.

Optional - Batch the last reminder on your best selling day

Go over your Analytics solution - most of the time, that's Google Analytics.

In Behaviours, Events, select the " Completed Order" event, during the a timeframe with at least 6 weeks. Then in secondary dimension, pick "Day of the week".

Tada, you have the repartition of your purchases, based on the day of the week. It starts with 0 - so with this example, Friday/Saturday are winning:

What I like to do is to batch a grouped email the day people is the most likely to buy, and send it to all the people who abandoned their cart during the 10 days before (assuming the cart was abandoned before 3 days ago, so they receive already all the previous emails).

Send a fun & short email. In the cosmetics industry, I like to set up something like "Take care of you" "Have a great saturday! We feel today is a great day to take care of your skin - what about completing your order? You'll receive your package by Tuesday!".

The + ?

You know which day of the week the email is sent, so you can play with that. 😉

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