How to increase click rate on emails?

This is a very tricky question because it always depends on a lot of stuff and by a lot we mean —  A LOT. So, we suggest to actually follow this checklist that we have formulated to help you get a bigger picture of what should be done. 

Check it out here:

  1. Make sure your CTA is highlighted

Your CTA is very important because this single button serves as a guide for your page visitors that could easily impact your conversion rate. 

  1. Make sure your CTA is above the fold on most mobile screens

Why specifically on mobile? Well, as we’ve mentioned before almost 80-90% of your email readers are viewing your email through their mobile phones. So make sure your CTA is right there as soon as they open your email.

  1. Make sure to mention a timeframe for action/ use scarcity so people can take action

Make it known how important it is for them to have your product right away. Don’t be too much of a hard sell but make sure you have an uber creative copy to help them convert.

  1. Don’t keep them hanging in your subject line — make it honest, specific and straight to the point.

Your subject line is as crucial as your CTA. Make sure they have a quick overview about your brand, what you do, and more importantly — your value proposition. Try keeping a minimum of 10-13 words for your subject line and couple it with a powerful CTA.

  1. Don’t try to outsmart your CTA button with funny words - also, make it clear & specific. ‘Order’ or ‘Shop all’ will perform better than a ‘it’s time to catch them all’.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, don’t go overboard with your CTA. We get that you want to be creative and unique but better save them for other sections on your website. 

And you’re all set! Make sure you implement this checklist right away and review your website from time to time to see which areas need improvement. Better yet, have your funnel reviewed to know how you can improve your performance!

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