10 emailings journey to implement for your ecommerce store

Emailing is essential while running an ecommerce store.

Newsletters, Lost Checkouts, Welcome emails, etc.

But there are different goals to keep in mind while sending emails. Even if the ultimate goal is your top line and the revenue the eshop is driving, we can't treat every person the same way, depending on where s.he is on the funnel. Need help for inspiration ? On top of this article, panoramata is your way to go to get access to what the best ecommerce brands are doing regarding to their email strategy.

Usually, the four goals that we find the most relevant are :

  • Sell More - obviously - that's usually the case for many many newsletters you're sending, but also for some email campaigns automations, such as the Lost Checkout email for instance.
  • Connect with Leads - for a cold audience, you might not push  hard your products right away if they don't know you. Make them feel special.
  • Connect with Customers - they bought something already! Don't treat them like they're cold audience - they deserve attention & care. Why? In order to...
  • Bring Customers Back - they bought already and... looks like it's time to make them buy again. They already tried your brand & your products - don't send them the same messages as if they were a cold audience.

Emailing journeys & automations to sell more

  • Lost Checkout Journey (to Sell More Stuff): Serie of 3 touchpoints (emails/SMS) when a cart is abandoned. We have here a full blog post explaining - with templates - a efficient strategy you could use! The main objective associated here is the conversion rate on your online store and the percentage of lost checkout you're able to get back.
  • Browse abandonment (to Sell More Stuff): Email when someone browse a product page - without order. The main objective here, because we're on the colder side of the funnel, is the click rate and/or the add to cart ratio.
  • Referral / Ambassador (to Sell More Stuff): For Highest engaged leads, you can nurture them into turning them into your best sales representative, for example through a referral program!
  • And, of course, your newsletters should mostly fall into this category. Here, keep a close eye to your open and click rate. By the way, to keep an efficient track of this and have a better understanding of your A/B tests, we have a free tool that can help you here.

Emailing journeys & automations to connect with Leads

  • Welcome Journey (to Connect): Serie of 3 touchpoints (emails/SMS) within 8 days, when someone signs up. Two main objectives here: the lead to Customer rate - of course - and the open rate, to ensure that you're not falling into the Spam folder. To avoid that, keep your new leads engaged. A good practice here is to make them answer to the first email: you can even avoid the Promotions tab!
  • Milestones (to Connect): Example? One Year Together!

Emailing journeys & automations to connect with Customers

  • Post First Purchase Journey (to Connect with Customers): Serie of 2+1 touchpoints (emais/SMS) after the first purchase is made & review request.
  • Post Purchase Journey (to Connect with Customers): Serie of 2 touchpoints (emais/SMS) after a purchase is made & review request.

Emailing journeys & automations to bring Customers Back

  • Re-order Journey (to Sell More Stuff): Serie of 2 touchpoints after the average delay before a re-order.

You want to implement these journeys? We can help.

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