Funnel Review / END. Clothing

Let's get into the main takeaways of this funnel review right away a.k.a our “too long to read” section.

Highlight vendor collections

When you run a multi-brand or multi-vendor website, divide your collections using your brands/vendors, and make sure to showcase your store's merchandise through these collections first (so it’s obvious for first time visitors). After that, breakdown your entire offering with product types. Something that End Clothing has totally mastered are these kinds of visuals — showing sweats from several brands within the same image, but showing clearly each brand logo each time.

Merchandise with pre-sales - in a different way

Do you have an upcoming collection? Create a specific landing page for it, showing it in a different way than regular product pages. Organized countdowns can gain so much buzz and interest before launching. Check out or watch the video to review more in detail.

CTA. Classic.

Their CTAs are classic and clear. “Online Now”, “Shop Now”. Nothing fancy here, just efficiency. Like.

A navbar menu that shows it all

It shows all the brands and product types available - showing as well products or current promotions right away, before having to click anywhere.

Fashion Brands, take note: show Outfit or Product grid

Let users switch between Outfit or Product views depending on their preferences. On hover, show alternating product shots each time, so 1/ people can get the overview they prefer and 2/ see the item from a different angle before they click.

Product recommendations done right

In their “Wear With” section, they show how the clothes are styled through the look that the model is wearing. And that makes the most sense since visitors are first attracted by the style and then they can have access to each item in the whole look.

But there are also some misses, especially around promotions and their checkout process, where they could increase their average cart other ways — make sure to watch the funnel review for more details!

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