Funnel Review / Peloton

Peloton is a brand well-known for its exercise bikes, treadmills and fitness classes. Take a ride with us as we get a closer look at their funnel.

Make your homepage dynamic and immersive

The home page is the most important part of your site. It helps people to choose whether to continue browsing or bounce right away. Peloton did a great job in incorporating all the key elements in this section. Above the fold, you can see slideshow videos of people riding the bike and following the workout classes. You’ll also have an idea of the pricing right from the same fold. And, CTAs for both the device and classes are there with clear and concise message.  

The convincing power of videos

Whatever is your chosen exercise, physical fitness requires effort and time. Peloton uses videos on its site to convince people on their behalf. In the videos, you can notice that the users are sweating but “smiling” - a simple way to motivate users to try out the program. They complement it with the videos of friendly coaches in a remote setup, yet are actively engaged in the session. And oh, don't forget that the users have well-built bodies. It represents the positive results one can get from buying the brand's equipment and classes. Everything is portrayed to make the visitors want to participate.

What a beauty on navigation bar

The super important things Peloton implements in its navbar are completeness and creativity. One can readily see a glimpse of the page just by accessing the navbar. When you click on a tab, you can see the product image and its main benefit. Their classes are also neatly categorized in the navbar. 

Product page best practices

When you want to buy a product, you want all your questions answered before purchase, right? That’s how Peloton does it on their product page. You’ll see the star reviews right away. You have the financing, the pricing. You have the warranty statement. They offer you a free trial and free delivery. It’s great that they put it just below the add to cart button where that information should be.

Don’t supercharge with a lot of text

Yes, your products are jam-packed with features and benefits. But, it doesn’t have to crowd your product page. Peloton shows exactly how it’s done. You can see all the features on one dedicated section of the page. Each feature is represented by an image and a text. If you need to know more about a specific feature, you can click on the image to see the details. It also helps your page to load faster.

Savings highlighted vs. price

Looking for an interesting technique to convince people to agree to your price? A calculator can help you with that. It addresses price issues for people who are hesitant. It gives them a clear breakdown of their projected cost over time. It’s also a unique way of capturing emails without being too aggressive.

Subscription doesn’t have to be scary

Yes, it can scare you when don’t know the brand yet. But a free home trial can be the key solution here. When you offer a free trial, display it on several pages of your website (home page, product page).

Social proofs early on, please

When you have social proofs, it's always better to place them within the 2nd to 3rd scroll on your homepage. This will help your customers feel confident as they scroll farther down the page, as compared to putting it on the bottom part. Of course, choose the best ones to display.

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