Funnel Review / Weezie

Bathleisure — made better. What a promise! Let's dig into their funnel review in video - we'll list here the main takeaways you can take.

Precious CTA

Their "SHOP LUXURY" CTA is quite interesting - it's classic enough to not trigger interrogation, but it also gives the brand an interesting stand. They have a whole message about Luxury & Upgrades that works well for their branding.

Social proof, again

Never miss this point. Weezie both shows Press Reviews and Customers reviews on their homepage → if you have some, do it. Something more they could have done, would be to implement the press logos right in their reviews carousel, so any visitor would understand that these are professional reviews right away.

Yes, you can link your social media or your ‘About Us’ page. Do it right.

When you link your Instagram account or a content page in certain landing pages, you're always taking the risk of redirecting people out of your funnel flow. It should be specific because if it's not intended for the visitor, it might be a very disturbing experience. Here, having a "Meet Weezie" CTA in the "Our Story" section, what we’ll discover doesn't tell me anything about my destination.

Give credit to User Generated Content you use

Of course. They're a great addition to your product page. But don't steal — make sure your clients agree (and trust us, they will!)

Product variants on the grid right away

When variants are that important when picking a product, do the same as Weezie does: make the choices obvious in the product grid, along with the associated visuals.

The best way to sum-up a review: Would you recommend this product?

Make sure you can ask this question to your clients and then display your ratio along with the product reviews. Yes — I looked bored, but I promise I'm not.

Make sure your “Add to cart" button is always accessible.

When going through custom product flows, your button might slip away, at the very bottom of the page/process. Don't do this → make sure the button is always accessible somewhere.

What about your own funnel analysis?

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