How to automatically extract Employees List from Linkedin

What will it do?

Phantombuster provides a tool that let scripts run on servers without any action.

This mean that, for example, you could allow a script to use your personal Linkedin account to perform actions on your behalf LinkedIn - for instance, to visit a list of Linkedin Companies and gather informations about their registered employees.

The output will be a csv of Linkedin profiles and data - at least First Name, Last Name, Job Title and Company.

Extract Employees List from Linkedin with Phantombuster

  • Sign up for an account on Phantombuster (they have a free trial to start) and go on the API Store : API store | Phantombuster
  • Create a Google Sheet (public but unlisted), filled with LinkedIn companies URLs in column A - such as
  • Click on "Configure Me" and set up the Linkedin cookie 🍪 this allows the script to use your Linkedin account. Be veru careful of the use you're making of this cookie! They have an extension for this - otherwise you can follow these steps: How to get your cookies without using our browser extension
  • Finish the script setup - Phantombuster calls it an "agent"
  • For this, add 3 more informations:
  • Amount of employees pages per company that the script should visit (and he scraps all the displayed employees, ~10 per page),
  • Amount of companies the agent must get at each launch,
  • Name of the csv file you'll get.

FRIENDLY WARNING - LinkedIn does not like these techniques. The objective is to make these actions very slowly, not abusive Linkedin policies. Four times a day, you should not perform more then 5 companies * 10 employees.

  • To do it automatically (that's the point, right?), Phantombuster will allow you to launch the script every day. To setup this, hit "Settings" on the top right - for example, select "4 times a day"
  • 4 times a day, the script will go on the Spreadsheet file and continue Employees detection.
  • Anytime, you can get the file by going to Files > CSV file > Download/Get link.

When done with the list, Phantombuster will give you this message:

✅ Got 749 lines from csv. ⚠️ Spreadsheet is empty or all companies from this sheet are already scraped.
Process finished successfully (exit code: 0) (Thu Apr 11 2019 16:40:09 GMT+0000 (UTC))
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.


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